Double Layer Electronic 60Hz Portable Pallet Scale

Detail Information
Product Name: Floor Weighing Scale Material: Stainless Steel
Accuracy Class: III Range: 600kg,1000kg,1500kg,2000kg,3000kg,5000k
Structure: Double Working Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃

Product Description

Floor Weighing Scale stainless steel Double-deck ultra-low platform scales Stainless steel floor scale


function. Hold (animal weighing) function. Multi-units exchange. Zero range programmable. G value (gravity) adjusting. Optional RS232 interface. Optional Bluetooth output.

The scale is very neat without any problem-causing cables or wires. You will never have to worry about a broken cable that forcing you stop working. The transmitter is protected by its sturdy aluminum housing. Both the transmitter and the antenna are featured magnetic systems so you can mount them anywhere on the scale-even bottom of the scale.


The stainless steel double-deck ultra-low table platform scale is equipped with four high-precision shear beam sensors and junction boxes on both sides of the weighing platform. Weighing of heavy or round barrels, simple and convenient installation and maintenance; table material: stainless steel, carbon steel;

It is mainly applicable to the weighing of cargo trolleys or drums; it is used for cargo weighing in commercial warehouses, distribution centers, railways, and highways for cargo consignment, and for all types of production lines. It can be combined with a mobile bracket to form a mobile ultra-low platform scale.

Technical parameters of stainless steel double-deck ultra-low table scale

Accuracy grade: Ⅲ

Working temperature: -10 ~ + 40 ℃

Power: AC 110 ~ 220V 50 ~ 60Hz or DC 6V 4Ah

Structural features of stainless steel double-deck ultra-low table scale

Ultra-low table with frame structure, height 35 / 45mm;

Super short slope introduction: 300mm;

Table material: stainless steel;

Four stainless steel sensors.

Product features:

Zeroing, tare, accumulation

Weighing, counting, checkweighing, sorting

Printing, communication interface RS232 / 485 (optional)

4 ~ 20mA analog output (optional)

Relay output, switching value control (optional)


stainless steel double-deck ultra-low table scale:

Configuration The standard configuration Optional
Scale body 304 stainless steel with frame structure Stainless steel
lode cell stainless steel explosion-proof
Junction Box Stainless steel explosion-proof
indicator XK3190-A12ESS Print / Explosion / Counter / Large screen
annex / Leading slope / instrument column / moving mechanism



stainless steel double-deck ultra-low table scale product specifications:

product name stainless steel double-deck ultra-low table scale
Product number CHCDS
Weighing platform height 3.5-4.5cm
Table size



Note: Any non-standard size can be customized according to your requirements

Maximum weighing 600kg 1000kg 2,000kg 3,000kg 5000kg
Accuracy 0.2kg 0.5kg 0.5kg 0.5kg



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