High precision Cylinder scale with water storage pan Liquid chlorine electronic scale

Detail Information
Accuracy: 0.2kg,0.5kg,1kg Product Name: Bench Weighing Scale
Range: 500kg,1t,2t,3t Platter Size (mm): 0.8×1.2
Temperature Range: -20— + 60 Accuracy Level: OIML Ⅲ

Product Description

High precision Cylinder scale with water storage pan Liquid chlorine electronic scale


※ High precision A/D conversion, Readability is 1/30000;

※Zero position tracking range and zero setting (boot/manual) range can be set respectively;

※ Digital filtering speed, amplitude and the stable time can be set;

※ Weighing counting function.


Cylinder scale with water storage pan (support one high and one low): It is equipped with stainless steel covering surface, which can prevent water from entering the sensor when the water is sprayed on the cylinder, and can prevent the scale body from rotting when the liquid leaks out. 304 stainless steel material, 316L stainless steel material can be selected. Different functions can be configured. Alloy steel and stainless steel sensors can be configured ...

Cylinder scale with water storage pan The special electronic scale designed for weighing the gas storage capacity of cylinders using liquid chlorine, liquid ammonia and other industries is made of carbon steel or all stainless steel, with a double-layer design, buffer function and special structure processing. High-precision stainless steel or alloy steel sensors are suitable for: chemical industry, fertilizer, tap water, textile printing and dyeing, pesticide manufacturing and other industries.

Brief description of cylinder scale with water storage pan:

The table is equipped with a water storage tray, which prevents water from entering the sensor when the water is sprayed into the cylinder, and prevents the scale from being rotten when the liquid leaks out;
The load-bearing part adopts nylon pulley (steel bottle bracket) and buffer device, which can effectively prevent the cylinder bottle from impacting on the scale body;
It adopts the design of upper and lower double weighing platform, with a single support of three beam sensors in the middle. Compared with traditional double beam sensors, it has the characteristics of anti-bias, anti-torsion, strong overload capacity and high accuracy;
The sensor is installed in the middle of the upper and lower brackets. Can avoid the corrosion of liquid to the sensor;
The sensor's appearance is treated with plastic to prevent corrosion;
The lower scale body is supported by an adjusting screw, which facilitates the parallel adjustment of the scale body at different positions;
The instrument can be designed to set the lower limit value. When the weight of the cylinder reaches the lower limit value, it will automatically alarm to control the amount of liquid reasonably;
Equipped with a large-screen display and printing interface for cylinder scales to provide display and printing, to achieve remote monitoring, improve working conditions and reduce operator labor intensity.


Features of cylinder scale with water storage pan:

The weighing platform adopts a frame structure, and the surface is treated with anti-corrosion and plastic spraying;

The cylinder electronic scale has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, and convenient use;

The cylinder support bracket installed on the cylinder electronic scale platform can facilitate the rotation of the cylinder;

304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel
Can be configured with different function meters;
Can be configured with alloy steel and stainless steel sensors;
You can configure the height of the cylinder support leg you need.


Technical parameters of cylinder scale with water storage pan:

Standard grade: OIML Ⅲ;
Maximum weighing: 500kg, 1t, 2t, 3t;

Accuracy: 0.2kg, 0.5kg, 1kg;
Table size (M): 0.8 × 1.2;
Working temperature: weighing platform and sensor—20 ℃ --- + 60 ℃ Weighing display instrument—10 ℃ --- + 40 ℃.


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