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digital signal stainless steel welding seal 14M mobile vehicle weighing scales

Basic Information
Detail Information
Material: Carbon Steel SIZE: 3.4*10/12/16/18/20/14M
Product Name: 14M Mobile Vehicle Weighing Scales MAIN FEATURES: Sturdy Load Surface
CAP: 60/100/150t Precision:

Product Description

digital signal stainless steel welding seal 14M mobile vehicle weighing scales


All digital signal output, with high accuracy, stability, and anti-jamming capability, the digital transmission distance of 280m. Digital compensation technology performance is better than analog sensors, Bridge structure, overload capacity, no special tools, easy installation and maintenance, self-diagnosis function troubleshooting quickly partial load adjustment to ensure excellent measurement performance harsh environmental protection




1.We use the bridge design technology on the platform
2.Simple structure,automated processing by machine
3.Uniform force, deformation is small
4.Beautiful appearance
5.Product configuration flexibility, good interchangeability
5.Mass production, product quality and stability




Agricultural Flush Floor Modular Weighbridge Truck Scale 2
  • Bearing structure formed by reinforced steel beams.
  • Sturdy load surface in very thick antislip sheet steel, which guarantees extreme rigidity with every type of vehicles.
  • Anticorrosive treatments and high-resistance painting.
  • Double shear-beam IP68 load cells, C3 precision class, EN45501 approved, complete of spherical selfcentering oscillating joints, for compensating the thermal expansions, guaranteeing safe weighs and long term accuracy.
  • The load capacity complies with the 96/53/EC Directive which defines the maximum axle load for the vehicles transiting in Europe (version for higher loads is available upon request).
  • Inspected trapdoors for cells maintenance.
  • Reduced height (up to 370 mm from the resting surface).
  • IP68 junction box, complete of 30m connection cable to the indicator.
  • Dual range 3000 + 3000e CE-M approval.
  • Wide range of available weight indicators and accessories.



Agricultural Flush Floor Modular Weighbridge Truck Scale 2
  • Angles' kit for flush floor installation.
  • 3GD and 2GD ATEX versions upon request.


Truck Scale Platform Features Specifications:
Our Truck scales use a U type steel structure, which is scientific, of high reliability and precision.
-High reliability and precision
-Fast service and Mature technology
-Complete management function for the convenience of customers and enterprise
-Managed program Software will help businesses and individuals weigh
-Use a U type steel structure, scientific and rational, solidity And endurance
-Using high-quality Antirust Paint for scales bottom for extending product life.
-Truck scales production of the use of extremely detailed quality control procedures Other special products are customized for the customers

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