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Multiple Backlight Modes 150 MA 48 Vac PC Digital Scale Indicator

Basic Information
Detail Information
Keyword: PC Digital Scale Indicator Analogue Output: 4-20mA / 0-5Vdc / 0-10Vdc
Power Supply: 110/240Vac Dimensions (lxhxw): 385x295x183.4 Mm
Model: 6116PRO Photomosfet Outputs: 150 MA 48 Vac / 150 MA 60 Vdc
High Light:

48 Vac PC Digital Scale Indicator


150 MA Digital Scale Indicator

Product Description

Multiple backlight modes 150 MA 48 Vac PC digital scale indicator


●The surface can be smooth and non-slip treatment.
●Adopt unique U-shaped steel bridge grinder structure.

●Use international standard high-quality steel Q235 for production.
●The surface treatment method of automatic spraying and high temperature baking is adopted to ensure the long-term rust and
corrosion resistance of the product.


2 USB 2.0 panel ports.
1 USB 3.0 internal port.
1 ETHERNET panel port, 10/100/1000 Mbps.
1 ETHERNET internal port, 10/100/1000 Mbps.
1 internal Display Port.
1 SATA III internal port (including cables).
1 RS485 internal port.
1 analogue input for scale.
Integrated Alibi Memory, to carry out approved systems for legal-for-trade use.
Intel Celeron N3350 DualCore 64bit processor, 2Mb L2 cache, up to 2.4GHz.
Intel HD Graphics 500 graphics processor.
Pre-installed Windows 10 or Dini Argeo AFxxPC operating system.
Resistive touch screen display, suitable for use with gloves and in the presence of water/condensation.
Dimension 10.1", resolution 1280x800px, suitable for outside view (750 lumen).
Data storage SSD M.2 64GB.
Integrated double 3W stereo speakers.
Integrated RTC (for date/time, bios, etc.).
Fanless technology, without cooling fans.
AISI304 STAINLESS steel case with adjustable inclination.
Standard ergonomic bracket, for bench use or wall mounting.
Industrial communication ports with IP67 protection.
IP67 STAINLESS steel valve to adjust humidity and pressure inside the case.
IP67 overall protection degree.
Working temperature: 0/60°C, 0/40°C for in legal-for-trade applications.
Dimensions (lxhxw): 385x295x183.4 mm.
Power supply 110/240Vac.
Industrial PC with AISI304 STAINLESS steel body and IP67 protection degree, specific for harsh industrial environments. High performance Intel processor and integrated weighing electronics Dini Argeo.
AF01PC - Totalization
AF02PC - Piece counter
AF03PC - Weighbridge, first/second weighing
AF04PC - Statistical checking
AF05PC - Labelling
Main functions
- Up to 10,000 storages, according to the database.
- 2 list of storages exportable on flash drive or network folders.
Reading, writing and sharing of archives on SQL databases.
Up to 10,000e or multirange 2 x 3000e @ 0,3 µV/d in approved version CE-M.
Up to 8 signal linearization points with DINITOOLS (3 from keypad).
Connectable with up to 8 analogue load cells with 350 Ohm input resistance.
Certifications: EC Type Approval (EN45501) / OIML R76 / OIML R61 - MID / OIML R51
Weight application reading from RS232 serial port.
Internal digital outputs with configurable functions, on terminal board (photomosfet 150mA 48Vac / 150mA 60Vdc (NO)).
Internal digital inputs with configurable functions, on terminal board (isolated photocouplers 12-24Vdc, 5-20mA).
16 bit analogue output, configurable 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc or 0-10Vdc.
4-channel converter to manage up to 4 independent analogue scales.
Weight Indicators Controller Available versions
  Code Description
  6116PRO High performance Touch screen PC, IP67 STAINLESS steel construction Integrated Load Cell input for scale management and Windows 10 operating system.
  6116PROAF High performance Touch screen PC, IP67 STAINLESS steel construction integrated Load Cell input for scale management and "AF" weighing softwares.

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