Dual interval price computing scales

Detail Information
Item: Dual Interval Price Computing Scales Range: 6kg 15kg 30kg
Packaging: 410x375x180mm Memories: 105 PLU
Change Of Unit Price: €/kg - €/100g Plate: Stainless Steel

Product Description

Dual interval price computing scales, for commercial use. Connectable to the printer, for amount totalisation function. 105 PLU memory (5 from direct keys).
3 backlit LCD displays on operator side and 3 LCD displays on customer side, with 6 digits 20mm high, for simultaneous indication of weight, price and amount.
Membrane waterproof numeric and functional keypad with 25 keys and acoustic feedback.
Stainless steel plate, 240x370mm size.
Level and adjustable feet.
Built-in rechargeable battery (about 70h battery life) and 230 Vac power adapter.
RS232/C port for conenction to printer.
Packaging: 410x375x180mm size - approximate weight of 5,1 kg.
Upon request:
- ACCREDIA calibration with issuing of relative certificate;
- 2x3000e multi interval CE-M approval.
price computing:
- change of unit price: €/kg - €/100g;
- entry of unit price;
- amount totalisation (with optional printer);
- calculation of the change;
- 105 PLU memories (5 from direct keys);
zero tracking;
semi-automatic tare;
digital calibration;
auto switch-off;
backlight command;
low battery warning.


Bench Weighing Scale Available versions


2R (g)*
  ASG15 6/15 2/5 2/5
  ASG30 15/30 5/10 5/10

(*) CE-M divisions are obtainable only with the relative options.

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