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RS-232C Reinforced scale body Small electronic truck scale

Basic Information
Detail Information
Range: 5t,10t,15t, 20t,30t Accuracy:
Product Name: Weighbridge Truck Scale Material: Carbon Steel
Display Mode: 6-digit LED Temperature Range: -20— + 40

Product Description

 RS-232C Reinforced scale body Small electronic truck scale


  • Small electronic truck scale are divided into two types of installation methods: no foundation pit or foundation pit;
    It can be placed directly on hard concrete pavement with framed and leading slope;
    Optional mobile device; becomes a mobile small truck scale
    Provide OEM, ODM system


  • The outside frame use professional sections;
  • The inside use double fabric reinforcement;
  • Use latch plate type connecting way;
  • Use high capacity electronic weighing load cell;
  • High anticorrosion strength, suitable for damp land near the sea and the area that corroded by chemicals long -Service of life;
  • Lightning stroke resistant, avoid the possible damage caused by lighting stroke;
  • Long term stability, can be used more than 10 years;


Small electronic truck scales are specially developed for various types of light trucks, such as tractors, three-wheeled vehicles, etc. The main body is welded by 5 U-shaped beams, the panel thickness is 8-10mm, the installation height is 25mm, the scale body and the scale surface are anticorrosive and Rust treatment, mainly used for: wholesale of agricultural and sideline products, material recycling transactions, etc.

Technical parameters of small electronic truck scale:

Accuracy grade: Ⅲ

Working temperature: -15 ~ + 50 ℃

Power supply: AC110 ~ 220v50 ~ 60Hz or DC 6V 4Ah

Components of small electronic truck scale:

Reinforced scale body, four alloy steel sensors, 5-hole stainless steel junction box, intelligent instrument, double shielded cable

Small electronic truck scale product features:

Tare, check weight, can store 1000 groups of vehicle brand and tare weight, Chinese and English cargo names, weighing records;
Automatic / manual, unconditional / conditional, daily report / sorted statistics report print settings;

Equipped with RS-232C / RS422 / RS485 (optional)
Can display and print various cargo names, license plate numbers and customer company names in Chinese and English;

Other instructions for small electronic truck scales:
The electrical part has two configurations of analog and digital;
Optional wireless meter, large screen, etc .;


Small electronic truck scale specification:

Maximum 5T 10T 15T 20T 30T
Accuracy 0.5kg 1kg 1kg 2kg 5kg
Table size



Note: Any non-standard size can be customized according to your requirements

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