Weighbridge Truck Scale Digital truck scale Digital explosion-proof truck scale

Detail Information
Product Name: OEM Truck Weight Scale Range: 50t,80t,10t, 120t,150t,200t
Display Mode: 6-digit LED Temperature Range: -20— + 40
Material: Carbon Steel Accuracy:

Product Description

Weighbridge Truck Scale Digital truck scale Digital explosion-proof truck scale 

Long lasting-unique u type steel bridge girder structure
1.high strength
2.even by force
3.strong lateral resistance.

Digital truck scale application range: Weighing and weighing of various trucks, weighing quickly and accurately, convenient operation and simple maintenance;


Digital electronic truck scale is composed of digital load cell, digital weighing display and modular load-bearing platform. Digital technology has improved the quality of electronic truck scale. Make it easy to debug, safe to use, simpler to maintain, more convenient to communicate, more intelligent, and more resistant to interference.


Digital truck scale features:

★ Modular and serial weighing platform, multi-unit combination

★ Digital load cell: stainless steel fully sealed column sensor

★ The overall stiffness and strength of the weighing platform are good and durable

Digital automatic compensation technology, high accuracy

★ Strong environmental adaptability: moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-radio frequency interference

★ Self-diagnosis of fault, weighing data memory

★ Human-machine dialogue, keyboard setting / calibration

★ Various storage functions: car number, tare storage, itemized item accumulation and total accumulated storage

★ Multiple data report output / automatic printing

★ It has the functions of preventing secondary lightning strike and surge voltage

Digital truck scale technology features:

Digital communication technology

Using RS485 bus technology to achieve long-distance transmission of signals, the transmission distance is not less than 1000 meters;
The output digital signal amplitude reaches 3 ~ 4v, which strengthens the anti-interference ability and improves the system's anti-lightning ability;
★ The bus results are convenient for the application of multiple weighing sensors, and up to 32 weighing sensors can be connected in the same environmental system.

Intelligent technology
Prevent the use of simple circuits to change the weighing signal and size;
The sensor characteristic parameters can be changed according to instructions;
The memory ability eliminates the calibration problem after replacing the sensor;

Digital calibration technology
Make the instrument's partial load (four corners) calibration completed automatically once;
Make weighing range calibration complete once;
★ The scale coefficient and zero value of the instrument can be modified as required, and the coefficient and zero parameter of each sensor.

Fault diagnosis technology
With the ability to diagnose the change of the zero value of the weighing instrument;
With the ability to diagnose the change of the zero value of each sensor;
With the ability to diagnose the communication changes of each sensor;

Has the prompt ability to judge that the address and number do not match after replacing the sensor;

★ Ability to improve various operation error information.


Digital truck scale specifications:
★ Width series: 3m, 3.2m, 3.4m;

★ Length series: 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 18m, 20m, 21m, 24m;
★ Accuracy level: III;
★ Maximum weighing: 10t ~ 200t;


Digital truck scale other instructions:
★ Optional printer, large screen, weighing software, etc .;
★ Two installation methods without foundation pit or foundation pit are recommended.
★ Multiple explosion-proof modes are available;
★ Optional unattended system;
★ Provide OEM and ODM production;

Digital explosion-proof truck scales Explosion-proof electronic truck scales (electronic platform scales) can be used on the spot with explosive gas or explosive dust, and can be divided into different danger levels according to the frequency, duration and danger of the occurrence of explosive substances.

Digital truck scales are available in composite explosion-proof kits.

Optional dustproof kit, non-slip kit, tie rod limit, guardrail kit, rat-proof kit.

Digital explosion-proof truck scale features:

On the basis of commonly used electronic truck scales, various technical measures such as voltage reduction, current limiting, isolation, sealing, and optical communication are adopted to eliminate or block detonation sources (electric sparks, static sparks, high temperatures) that may occur in the electrical circuits of the instrument. ...), so that the electronic truck scale can safely work in the corresponding hazardous area.

Before ordering an explosion-proof weighing instrument, the user should consult an expert to determine the explosion hazard level of his own production site, and divide the dangerous area and the safety area as the basis for determining the explosion-proof electronic weighing instrument system configuration.


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