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Weighbridge Truck Scale Digital truck scale Digital explosion-proof truck scale

Basic Information
Detail Information
Product Name: 200t Truck Scale Systems Range: 50t,80t,10t, 120t,150t,200t
Display Mode: 6-digit LED Temperature Range: -20— + 40
Material: Carbon Steel Accuracy:

Product Description

Weighbridge Truck Scale Export-oriented electronic truck scale Split electronic floor scale


Strong corrosion resistance-steel plate subjected to shot blasting
1.wear resistance
2.withstand voltage
3.acid resistance
4.alkali resistance
The Superiority of our truck scale :
*Modularization, standardization, serialization platform, multi-unit combination
*Automatic reset force transmission system
*Can be matched with various indicators
*Digital display gross weight, net weight, tare
*Dynamic, under load and overload, etc state display
*Digital filtering, clear tare automatically
*Subtract tare and clear tare automatically
*Keyboard set/calibration
*Vehicle No., tare storage, subitem accumulation, total accumulation
*Data output/print automatically

The export-oriented truck scale fully considers the limitation of the scale of the truck scale by the shipping container transportation. At the same time, it must take into account the rigidity requirements of the scale and the convenience of installation at the end customer site. The company independently developed two export-oriented truck scales with reasonable structure and quick installation. It can also be used in domestic markets with restrictions on ultra-wide transport.

Export truck scale structure:
First, the middle split type
U-shaped main beam, split in the middle, connected by bolts, easy installation and disassembly;
Fully suitable for 20ft, 40ft, high cabinet or open top container transportation;
Module type
H-beam main beam, H-beam doubles as guardrail on both sides, the structure is safer and more reasonable. More conducive to improving the system accuracy of the scale;
Molded production, modular installation, complete interchangeability of components, is the latest generation of

export-oriented truck scale structure;
Fully suitable for container export transportation, higher transportation efficiency;


Other instructions for export truck scales:
1. Table size and maximum weighing are optional;
2. A variety of sensors and meters are optional;
3. Provide OEM and ODM production;


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