Lightning stroke resistant Weighbridge Truck Scale Mobile electronic truck scale Analog electronic truck scale

Detail Information
Product Name: 150t Electronic Truck Scale Display Mode: 6-digit LED
Excitation Voltage: 5VDC Material: Carbon Steel
Range: 50t,80t,10t, 120t,150t,200t Accuracy:

Product Description

Lightning stroke resistant Weighbridge Truck Scale Mobile electronic truck scale Analog electronic truck scale


*Modularization, standardization, serialization platform, multi-unit combination
*Automatic reset force transmission system
*Can be matched with various indicators
*Digital display gross weight, net weight, tare
*Dynamic, under load and overload, etc state display


Weighbridge Truck Scale does not need to be a foundation. It comes with a double-sided slope guide and four moving rollers, which is convenient and quick to use. The weighing platform adopts a hydraulic lifting mechanism, which can be raised when not in use and lowered when moving. High-strength structural scale body, suitable for various harsh environments, has good performance in waterproof, lightning protection, anti-cheating, remote control, compression and impact resistance.

Weighbridge Truck Scalestructure:

Weighing platform using military floating bridge technology, tightly combined with weighing platform, can be flipped on the platform of the scale when moving, easy to move;

U-shaped steel group welding all-steel weighing platform with strong impact resistance;

High-performance dedicated weighing instrument;

Unique weighing platform hydraulic lifting system and super heavy-duty moving wheels ensure light and flexible movement of the weighing platform;

High-precision load cell, detection accuracy can reach: static ± 2% FS, dynamic ± 2% FS;

Optional micro-printer meter (can print weighing scales and daily reports, including time, date, gross weight, net weight, tare weight).


Weighbridge Truck Scaleparameters:

Display mode: 6-digit LED display, word height 30mm;

Sensor ambient temperature: -20— + 40 degrees;

Ambient temperature of weighing instrument: 0— + 40 degrees;

Ambient humidity: <90% RH, but no dew condensation should occur;

Truck scale rated power: <5W;

Maximum weighing ≤50t; maximum table length ≤9m; weighing accuracy class III;
Description of mobile electronic truck scale:

The mobile truck scale needs to be used on a flat concrete floor, and the thickness of the concrete floor is generally not less than 200mm;
It is especially suitable for seasonal use occasions such as grain depots and fruit farms;

In use, pay attention to the relative positions of the scale body, the slope guide and the rollers to ensure that they do not touch;


Weighbridge Truck Scale specification:

Maximum 50T 80T 100T 120T 200T
Accuracy 5kg 1kg 1kg 1.5kg 5kg
Table size


Note: Any non-standard size can be customized according to your requirements

*Digital filtering, clear tare automatically
*Subtract tare and clear tare automatically
*Keyboard set/calibration
*Vehicle No., tare storage, subitem accumulation, total accumulation
*Data output/print automatically


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