60/100/150t Carbon Steel Modular Type 14m Digital Truck Scales

Detail Information
Product Name: 14M Digital Truck Scales MAIN FEATURES: Sturdy Load Surface
SIZE: 3.4*10/12/16/18/20/14M Material: Carbon Steel
CAP: 60/100/150t Precision:

Product Description

60/100/150t Carbon Steel Modular Type 14m Digital Truck Scales

High anticorrosion strength, suitable for damp land near the sea and the area that corroded by chemicals long Service of life;
Lightning stroke resistant, avoid the possible damage caused by lighting stroke;
Long term stability, can be used more than 20 years;

Truck Scale Platform Features Specifications:
Our Truck scales use a U type steel structure, which is scientific, of high reliability and precision.
-High reliability and precision
-Fast service and Mature technology
-Complete management function for the convenience of customers and enterprise
-Managed program Software will help businesses and individuals weigh
-Use a U type steel structure, scientific and rational, solidity And endurance
-Using high-quality Antirust Paint for scales bottom for extending product life.
-Truck scales production of the use of extremely detailed quality control procedures Other special products are customized for the customers




Agricultural Flush Floor Modular Weighbridge Truck Scale 2
  • Bearing structure formed by reinforced steel beams.
  • Sturdy load surface in very thick antislip sheet steel, which guarantees extreme rigidity with every type of vehicles.
  • Anticorrosive treatments and high-resistance painting.
  • Double shear-beam IP68 load cells, C3 precision class, EN45501 approved, complete of spherical selfcentering oscillating joints, for compensating the thermal expansions, guaranteeing safe weighs and long term accuracy.
  • The load capacity complies with the 96/53/EC Directive which defines the maximum axle load for the vehicles transiting in Europe (version for higher loads is available upon request).
  • Inspected trapdoors for cells maintenance.
  • Reduced height (up to 370 mm from the resting surface).
  • IP68 junction box, complete of 30m connection cable to the indicator.
  • Dual range 3000 + 3000e CE-M approval.
  • Wide range of available weight indicators and accessories.



Agricultural Flush Floor Modular Weighbridge Truck Scale 2
  • Angles' kit for flush floor installation.
  • 3GD and 2GD ATEX versions upon request.


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