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15T Flange Pressure Weight Measurement Load Cell High Repeatability

Basic Information
Detail Information
Range: 15T Rated Output: Accuracy Level
Product Name: RS232 Weighing Load Cell Communication: RS232/485
Material: Aluminum Alloy Safe Temp. Range: -10ºC To + 70ºC
High Light:

15T Weight Measurement Load Cell


15t flange pressure Load Cells


15000kg flange pressure Load Cells

Product Description

high Repeatability 15T flange pressure weight measurement using load cell




1. Measure both tensile and compressive force.
2. Widely used on pull/push dynamometers, hopper scales and other industrial systems .
3. Wide measuring range is 15000kg.
4. Made of stainless Steel with IP68 protection.


It can be used for various static and dynamic measurement applications such as testing benches and torque measurements as well as for production and monitoring tasks.


15t flange pressure Load Cells (15t)


Product parameters:


15T (Customizable range)

Rated Output
2.0mV/V ±10%
Zero Balance
±3% of rated output
Creep after 30 minutes
±0.03% of rated output
±0.03% of rated output
±0.03% of rated output
±0.03% of rated output
Temp. effect on output
≤0.002% of applied output/ºC
Temp. effect on zero
≤0.002% of rated output/ºC
Safe Temp. Range
-10ºC to + 70ºC
Temp. Compensated
-10ºC to + 40ºC
Safe Overload
Input Impedance
410 ohm ± 20 ohm
Output Impedance
350 ohm ± 5 ohm
Insulation Resistance
≥5000 M ohm (50V DC)
Rated Excitation
Maximum Excitation
Cable Length
Cable Color Code
Red(+E) Black(-E) Green(+S) White(-S)

Product Size:Aluminum Alloy CHCO5 15t Flange Pressure Load Cell 0

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